Capacity Max 6 kg Max 15kg or 30lb Max 30kg
Single Interval 1/ 3000 e= 2g e= 5g or 0.01lb e= 10g
1/ 6000 or 1/ 7500 e= 1g e= 2g e= 5g
Capacity Max 3/ 6kg Max 6kg/ 15kg Max 15kg/ 30kg
Multi Interval 1/3000 e= 1/ 2g e= 2/ 5g e= 5/ 10g


Operator display  green LCD with backlight 32×202 dots
Customer display green LCD with backlight  32×202 dots

Specification by Model variation

Variation SM-5100B SM-5100P SM-5100EV SM-5100BS
Number of Preset Keys 32 56 56 72
Memory Capacity 2MB (Expandable up to 8MB)
Standard Interface RS232C, Ethernet, Cash Drawer I/F


Label Printing Size Max. 60mmW x 220mmH
Paper Width 60mm for Label   60mm for Receipt
Printing Speed-Label Up To 150mm/s*

* To achieve maximum high speed, high sensitivity thermal paper is necessary. Contact DIGI for details.


Memory Expansion Board (4MB/ 8MB)
Wireless LAN I/F (IEEE 802.11b/g)
Cash Drawer I/F

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